Innovate with Data

Create innovative products and services from idea to successful adoption

We can support your innovation efforts through leveraging data to drive optimisation and sustainable growth. We can help you learn your business  performance and build a strong data foundation to drive rapid iteration. We can uncover hidden opportunities in your existing data to create new offerings that customers value through informed analytics. Our expertise allows us to map your key business components – knowledge, processes, environment, people and systems – to develop an adaptive data strategy.


Big-Picture View | Business Information Modelling | Business Model Canvas | Revenue Assurance | Sustainable Development | ESG | Data Monetisation | Product Discovery| Information Architecture | Effective AI | Data Quality | Data Strategy | Process Automation | Continuous Discovery | KPI Definition | Business Process Optimisation


Data Capability Design

Demystify your data to do more.

Access the combined power if your data by enabling data sharing, harmonisation, standardisation, and integration across systems, business teams and across organisations. Develop a common data language, enhance findability and accessibility of information, increase trust in data for improved efficiency, productivity, resilience, and adaptability to market changes and disruptions.


Data Contract | Data Fabric | Data Mesh | API Definition | Data Lineage| Business Rules | data Provenance | Data Architecture | Interoperability Engineering | Data Sharing | Master Data Management | Data Governance | Data Quality Management | Data Security | Data Analytics


Business Knowledge Modelling

Building Business Knowledge Bases for Smarter Systems

Unleash the potential of your data: Discover, model, and leverage the knowledge within your organization with business knowledge modelling. Knowledge modelling is a game-changer for organisations, providing a holistic, structured and organised view of their information to enable improved decision-making, streamlining processes, agility and collaboration through a shared knowledge model.


Ontology | Taxonomy | Controlled Vocabulary | Business Glossary | Conceptual Model| Domain Model | Semantic Technology | RDF, OWL, SHACL, JSON-LD | LLM | Feature Engineering | Conversational AI | Recommender System | Semantic Data Modelling | Linked Data | Knowledge Graph